Welcome to  my online gallery of original art and prints. Here you can view or purchase featured pieces from my most recent collections, along with a range of my earlier work.

abstract painting


My abstract work is pure experimentation with ideas, materials and texture. Although I  begin with a seed of an idea I intuitively add colour, shape and form until the idea develops. I use many layers in my work, painting over certain parts and then sanding others, not only does it add interesting textures but also enlightening depths and glimpses of vague shapes and shades beneath the overlaying mixes of colour.



Combining painting and print my illustrations  often have a dark edge, depicting strange figures and scenes. Many are based on overheard conversations, people I meet or autobiographical. 

recycled art


Scouring the streets of Birmingham I collect what most people would call junk and use these items to build shadow boxes, each one telling their own unique story. I am currently experimenting with automaton in the hope of making these figures move.

New shadow box complete


Stirring The Sheets

Was honored to have my work grace the cover of Chad Lutzke's new book "Stirring the sheets." Its a great read, you must check it out!

New shadowbox.

"We carry our childhood with us" shadowbox

recently won first prize in the "My Marwencol" competition. Marwencol (also known as Village of the Dolls in the UK is a 2010 American documentary film that explores the life and work of artist and photographer Mark Hogancamp.

New book

I am currently writing and illustrating a book on mental health, a selection of prints will soon be available in my store.

Bury me, beneath the blood tree
Mixed Media on Paper


Wonder if one day that you'll say that you care


Nothing is permanent
Mixed Media on Paper
10 3/4″ x 8 1/4″


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