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Robert Johnson

Is an artist and Illustrator based in Birmingham UK

I am a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator, born and raised in Birmingham England.

I graduated from Bournville College of art and then studied fine art printmaking at Birmingham University.

My work focuses on memory, perception and identity and how it influences mental health. A constant experimentation with materials and ideas, influenced by many things from my childhood, Hammer Horror, Eastern European animation, fairy tales. Combining painting and print my illustrations often have a dark edge, depicting strange figures and scenes. Many are based on overheard conversations, people I meet or autobiographical. Combining all these past and present memories my work explores these themes and I suppose in a way tries to make sense of the world. More recently I have been involved in creating shadow boxes; miniature sculptures made from found and discarded objects.

All of the paintings at my first private viewing sold. Since then I have had many successful exhibitions, have featured in the work of a celebrated contemporary composer. I receive regular commissions for album and book covers. My work is owned by private collectors in the UK and overseas.

I am a member of The Leamington Studio artists.

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